Tesla declares war on iPhone hackers

Tesla declares war on iPhone hackers

More and more electric car drivers want to tune their electric cars via software and install free updates. However, Tesla is starting to crack down on these hackers.

Electric cars that receive their performance upgrades and other software innovations via online updates have a disadvantage: the updates can also be installed by unauthorized companies, just like a jailbreak on a smartphone.

With a jailbreak, certain restrictions on the use of a smartphone can be undermined, which are usually intended to prevent the installation of third-party software. Once jailbroken, programs and applications that are not intended for the device can be installed.

This works much like Tesla’s electric cars: the manufacturer offers vehicles with upgradeable features that are locked by software. For example, the 75 kWh battery pack software is locked in the 60 kWh versions of the vehicles. In addition, several performance upgrades or Autopilot functions are only unlocked after an additional paid purchase.

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