The E-Hang 184 drone can carry people

The E-Hang 184 drone can carry people

In fact, it looks a bit like a small e-Renault or Smart car.
But the fully autonomous drone has it all. At 1.40 m long, it has 140 hp from 8 motors, but it won’t be cheap.

Anyone with $200,000 in their piggy bank will be able to get one by the end of 2016.
Provided they weigh less than 125 kilos. But those 125 kilos will allow the drone to climb up to 3,500 meters and accelerate up to 100 km/h. Range is currently limited to 1,500 kilometers.

And the best part? You don’t even have to drive it yourself.
Just hop in, enter your destination into the navigation system and get going.

A team of drone pilots at the manufacturer’s facility supervises the drone at all times. Until it lands, the drone flies on its own, unaided. And when it comes to landing in the parking lot, it can even «go small.»

And that’s where the problems lie. At the moment, there will be no license to fly, neither in the United States nor in Europe, because there is no license when the human being is only a passenger on board (it is an autonomous flight). Moreover, only official airfields are allowed. Although the eHang seems relatively «finished» and safe with all its communication, obstacle detection and rotor failure systems, it will be difficult for the manufacturers to get their drone «airworthy», but if authorization is granted, it will be a success.

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